3 Important Shifts in Corporate Citizenship

May 27, 2021 2:30 PM ET

What is the key to making your employee volunteering and giving programs scalable, measurable and meaningful? Best practices? Unlimited resources? Realized Worth’s Chris Jarvis suggests three shifts in perspective and intention that make all the difference:

  • From programs to movements
  • From participation to agency
  • From helping to belonging

If you’re a CSR practitioner, you are probably challenged to find ways to increase numbers without adding resources (time, people, money). This is likely your reality because, despite the growth of profits since 2008 and recent corporate tax windfalls for the private sector, investments in CSR and employee giving and volunteering are falling behind. So you’re probably asking yourself – “how do I position our company to be ready for these three trends and still achieve program growth and scale?” As a result, some practitioners are looking to further expand the leadership of employees in community investment programs through various methods.

Employee volunteering and giving programs must become something more than the simple provision of a service. Done correctly, these practices can transform our values and how we perceive ourselves in new and challenging contexts; they can also expand how we perceive and empathize with others — some of the most fundamental qualities of an excellent leader.

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