A Closer Look at Canada’s Goal of “Cleanest LNG in the World”

Jun 13, 2014 2:15 PM ET
What exactly is “the cleanest liquefied natural gas in the world?”
It’s a hypothetical fuel that leaders in British Columbia, Canada, have repeatedly promised to deliver in an effort to build public support for their proposed LNG industry. But while it sounds clear-cut, it’s proven a tough nut to crack.
After all, the greenhouse gases locked up in LNG—natural gas that has been liquefied for transport aboard specialized ocean-going tankers—can be measured in many ways. (Vote and comment: “How Has Fracking Changed Our Future?“)
While the idea of “cleaner LNG” has its roots in Canada, the discussion is relevant to the United States, Australia, and other nations that are processing natural gas into LNG for shipment to hungry markets in Asia and Europe, or planning to do so.