Alexion Fellowship Program Grows in 2020

Oct 5, 2020 1:00 PM ET

The Alexion PharmD Fellowship Program, in conjunction with MCPHS University, is one of the avenues through which Alexion grows young talent. Throughout this 2-year fellowship, recently graduated PharmD’s complete rotations in multiple functional areas under qualified preceptors. The purpose of this highly competitive program is to prepare PharmD’s for a career in the biopharmaceutical industry.

This past July, Alexion welcomed four new fellows into the GMC/GMA program: Christine Borunda, Michelle Ciambella, Calantha Yan and Alexandra Maresh. In addition to increasing the number of Fellows in the GMA/GMC program, a new fellowship program will begin in Global Drug Safety (GDS).

Since its inception in 2015, four individuals have successfully completed the Alexion fellowship program. Among them are Gabriela Marcheva and Adam Quicquaro, who are currently full-time employees of Alexion in Global Scientific Communications and Clinical Development, respectively.

“Throughout the Alexion Fellowship program, I was exposed to a unique variety of cross-functional opportunities through which I developed a broad skillset that truly prepared me for my current role,” says Quicquaro. Marcheva echoed these sentiments, adding that “the fellowship itself provided me with a strong network of motivated individuals inside and outside the company.”

Dian Lin and Katie Wray are beginning their second year of their Global Medical Communications/Global Medical Affairs (GMC/GMA) fellowships supporting the Hematology/Nephrology and Neurology franchises, respectively.

“The Alexion fellowship program has given me the opportunity to gain extensive experiences in Medical Information and Scientific Communications while also being able to develop professionally through the help of mentors and preceptors” says Lin. “Under the guidance of my rotation preceptors I have had opportunities to take ownership of projects within Global Medical Communications, and in collaboration with other functional areas” adds Wray.

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