All About Water: 6 Video Interviews for World Water Day

Mar 22, 2013 7:45 AM ET

For World Water Day, we’ve put together a playlist all about water. It includes some of the best interviews we’ve conducted over the years with experts in the business and nonprofit world talking about the water crisis, and how they are working to solve it. These six videos present a range of perspectives, and a wealth of knowledge, about what it will take to maintain a safe and sustainable water supply for the entire world.

1. Maude Barlow, Chair of Food and Water Watch
“We can live without oil, but we can’t live without water.” In this wide-ranging interview from the Ceres Conference, Maude Barlow of Food & Water Watch explains why water issues need to be taken as seriously as climate change, and discusses ways communities around the world are addressing the water crisis.

2. Alex Prud’homme, Author of The Ripple Effect
How do you price water? Too low and people waste it, too high and people can’t access it. Alex Prud’homme explored this issues and more in his book The Ripple Effect. As he explains in this interview from the Ceres Conference, water underlies every other resource, and our limited supplies are coming under greater and great pressure.

3. Greg Koch, Director of Global Water Stewardship at Coca-Cola
Because Coca-Cola bottles its products locally, the company needs a social, regulatory and physical license to clean water everywhere it operates. This depends on working closely with local communities and ensuring that they also have access to clean water.

4. Jonna Davis, Water Programs officer at charity:water
charity:water works with corporations and individuals to help them understand the need for clean water and see the impact of their donations. In this interview, Jonna Davis discusses water hygiene and sanitation programs that charity:water funds.

5. Hew Crooks, Safe Water Network
From mines in Turkey to farms in the midwest, there are common water issues around the world. In this interview, Hew Crooks talks about how Safe Water Network  focuses on measurement, performance and developing a fact-based approach to figuring out what water projects work.

6. Paul Fitzhenry, Tyco
Tyco has made a commitment to the Clean Water Access Initiative to deliver clean, safe water to communities around the world. In this interview Paul Fitzhenry explains how the program aligns with Tyco’s water business, but also with the passions of employees.

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