Amway Volunteers Share the Passion Behind Their Volunteer Efforts

More than 234,461 volunteer hours benefitted 488,899 people around the world in 2016
Feb 9, 2017 8:15 AM ET

Everyone has a story.

At Amway, our employees and Amway Business Owners continue to write new chapters in their personal stories as they improve local communities through their personal volunteer efforts.

In 2016, these volunteers spent more than 234,461 hours benefitting 488,899 people around the globe. And since 2003, Amway Business Owners and employees have invested more than 4.1 million hours impacting 13.2 million individuals.

#AmwayVolunteers is an invitation to Amway Business Owners and employees to make their community a better place. Volunteers are encouraged to take a quick online pledge, go volunteer (with an activity of their choice), and share their efforts online with a photo or video using the hashtag #AmwayVolunteers.

Here are some thoughts from Amway people around the world who have shared their #AmwayVolunteers stories:

“Volunteering is an opportunity to give back to my community and change people’s lives. I believe that it is incumbent on us all to give our time and effort to help the less fortunate.  I have discovered over the years that I have received much more from the volunteering experience than I have given.” -- Ioannia Perifanos, Greece

“Volunteering has to come from the heart!  It’s gratifying to serve and bring a sense of calm and peace to an otherwise chaotic situation. These experiences are priceless.” -- Marc Rosenberger, United States

“When an earthquake hit in east Japan, we were far away watching (by TV) and crying because we had friends and family in the disaster area. We saw the need and then got involved.” -- Yasuhisa & Makiki Masuda, Japan

“You never know what kind of impression you are leaving on someone else’s life. It’s rewarding to put a smile on someone’s face and make someone else’s day.” -- Linda Howorth, United States

Amway volunteers are changing lives… and communities. New stories are bring written every day… stories that motivate and inspire all of us to continue to “Be the Change” in our communities. Visit and tell us what you’re doing.