Building a Culture of Inclusion

2021 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Report
Jun 15, 2022 10:30 AM ET

We want all team members to be energized at work through feelings of physical and psychological safety and empowerment. We have made progress in increasing diverse representation, and today we’re adding to that foundation with a focus on building a more inclusive and equitable culture for all.

We view DEI as part of a broader, companywide cultural effort. In 2019, we created the Culture Congress, a cross-departmental, cross-functional group of employees who advance key areas of cultural improvement, including DEI.

Our Culture Congress oversees each OU’s Culture Team, which develops and leads initiatives around DEI, values and psychological safety, including:

  • Building an inclusive work environment
  • Advancing talent development and a leadership pipeline
  • Increasing diverse workforce representation

In 2021, our Culture Congress focused largely on two initiatives:

  • Creating a set of comprehensive best practices and links to resources for all employees to create greater inclusivity in leadership, meetings and everyday behavior, whether in a hybrid, remote or on-site working model. These best practices are being launched corporatewide in April 2022.
  • Development of a corporatewide Employee Recognition Campaign launching in 2022 to bring appreciation and recognition into greater focus in our culture

Some of the common themes and activities that OU Culture Teams worked on in 2021 include:

  • Job Shadow programs to provide opportunities and insight for employee development
  • Leveraging BRGs to assist in recruiting and outreach to diverse candidates and encouraging them to apply for job openings
  • A Buddy Program that pairs employees with new hires to help each of them acclimate to their new working environment and feel included
  • Mentorships to provide collaborative relationships, professional development and personal growth to employees at all levels of the company
  • Virtual team-building events where employees share about their backgrounds to promote trust, understanding and inclusion
  • Season of Service volunteer days with local nonprofit organizations
  • Exchange of best practice information to share successes and challenges

Creating Connections Through BRGs and ERGs

As the cornerstone of our diverse and inclusive culture, our 12 BRGs play a critical role. At SCE, BRGs represent employees across a range of cultures, racial and ethnic groups, sexual orientations and abilities and cover topics including safety and environmental stewardship. These employee-led, executive-sponsored groups amplify the voices of our employees, foster connectivity and collaboration across all levels, and provide opportunities for skill building, mentoring and community involvement. In 2021, our BRGs took advantage of the virtual work environment to engage even more team members and expand their reach. Likewise, Edison Energy* created three ERGs in 2021.


  • Abilities Beyond Limits and Expectations (ABLE) Founded 2017 Promotes awareness and education around disabilities and strives to create greater disability inclusion
  • ASCEND7 Founded 2016 Celebrates the diverse Asian Pacific Islander cultures and promotes growth and leadership through various community and cultural events, corporate initiatives and outreach
  • Caregivers Connect Founded 2019 Provides resources and advocates on behalf of families by providing support systems and fostering a culture of diversity and inclusivity
  • EcoIQ Founded 2008 Supports company environmental initiatives, community partnerships, volunteer events and environmental campaigns
  • Latinos for Engagement, Advancement & Development (LEAD) Founded 1992 Promotes awareness of Latino culture and contributions; provides opportunities for employee development and drives corporate initiatives
  • Lighthouse Founded 1999 Engages LGBTQ+ and allies in personal and professional growth by providing career development opportunities, networking, mentoring and community involvement
  • Native American Alliance Founded 2007 Promotes awareness of Native American culture while advancing corporate objectives and serves as a link between the Native community and SCE through educational opportunities, cultural events and community outreach
  • Networkers Founded 1985 Promotes diversity, advances career enhancement strategies and provides targeted coaching, mentoring and support to the company’s Black employees
  • NextGen Founded 2016 Empowers employees to lead the company into the future by educating them about technologies that are shaping the company’s culture, business and industry
  • Safety Ambassadors for Edison (S.A.F.E. 24/7) Founded 2012 Strengthens SCE’s safety culture and supports the goal of working and living injury-free
  • Valor Founded 2010 Promotes awareness and understanding of the roles and contributions made by active and nonactive military employees and their families
  • Women’s Roundtable Founded 1976 Empowers and promotes women’s career advancement

Edison Energy* ERGs

  • Women@Edison Advances and empowers women through education and mentorship
  • Multicultural Employee Resource Group for Edison Energy* (MERGE) Celebrates the heritage of its members by sharing their culture through educational opportunities, networking and cultural events
  • DEI Energized Facilitates networking, professional development and open discussions related to DEI within the energy space through company events and coordination with external groups


View the full 2021 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Report here.

* Edison Energy is not the same company as Southern California Edison, the utility, and Edison Energy is not regulated by the California Public Utilities Commission.