Building a Volunteering Program that Really Works

by Nita Kirby
Mar 24, 2016 12:30 PM ET

Volunteering at work can be a great force for social change and increase retention and employee engagement in your company. Whether companies are giving their employees time off to work on specific projects, defined as “paid release/volunteer time off” programs, or teams are getting together to tackle an issue at a local non-profit, giving time within the workplace has been growing over the last decade, despite multiple changes in our world and citizens finding their voice to make a difference.

Why is this phenomenon continuing to grow? The advantages of building a Volunteer Time Off program or a volunteering program for your company are numerous (as well as charitable) as they are well-documented. And that’s not an opinion, it’s backed up by research. Here are some statistics around volunteering at work and why it works so well...

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Ms. Nita Kirby serves as Director of Client Strategy and oversees JK Group’s strategic service management with a majority of its corporate clients. In addition, Nita is responsible for ensuring the success of philanthropic programs for many of JK Group’s key customers and oversees process improvements for how the company manages its client’s programs and relationships. This effort includes detailed benchmarking, employee engagement methodologies and financial modeling. Nita serves on numerous non-profit and volunteer boards and continues to stay engaged with the local non-profits community. Nita has worked for one of largest non-profits in the US, where she provided extensive support to some of the largest employee giving programs in the country. With a BS in Business Administration and vast experience in program development and administrative protocol, this experience has allowed Nita to incorporate best practice processes in each of her client engagements and focus on deliverables and client satisfaction. In addition, Nita is a Lean Six Sigma certified Green Belt providing her with expanded insight into how processes affect outcomes.