Health News

Meat, health and climate change: Developed versus developing nations.

How do different approaches to farming effect human and global health?

Medical tourism: Socially responsible or economic exploitation?

What is the impact of medical tourism on destination countries?

Medical tourism: Cost, quality and risks

Medical tourism is one way to get high quality, low cost care. But there are risks.

Copenhagen: Is government healthcare contributing to climate change?

As the world looks to Copenhagen for solutions to climate change, does healthcare contribute to global warming?

Eating less meat is healthier for people and planet

Research estimates the impact of livestock on global warming, and human lives lost from eating them

Perspectives on cancer

Recent proposed cancer screening changes reveal interesting abnormalities in our discussions of health

Who counts?

If we measure what matters, why do we only count some lives and not others?

Healthy news amidst the bickering

A revolution in health decision making is underway that's sometimes hard to see

Healthcare: Not just another business

Like other businesses, healthcare is bound to get more wired. And better at billing you.

Beyond the Drawing Board

We think about solutions more than implementation. It's time to move from the drawing board into the real world.


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