Health News

Electronic health records: Medical miracles or digital disaster?

Will electronic medical records do more than simply digitize current healthcare delivery problems?

Be rigorous, but don't be fair

When science is an advocacy tool informing change, fairness isn't always necessary

Darkside of health data

Selling your health information is big business

How good is your healthcare?

There are surprisingly few good ways to measure healthcare quality

When green choices aren’t healthy

Ethical consuming and ecological choices are important, but sometimes surprisingly unhealthy

Smoking bans: Healthy for non-smokers too.

A new report highlights the dangers of cigarette smoke to non-smokers.

Swine Flu in the United States

Increase in swine flu cases in the United States has raised serious health concerns among the Americans.

Healthy mothers, healthy kids, healthy societies

When societies support mothers, more children live. And it takes less than you might think.

Private thoughts on a public option

Public healthcare plans do more than just pay your doctor. Can private plans do better?

How safe is H1N1 Vaccination for Infants?

H1N1 vaccination is not recommended for toddler and new born babies due to health concerns.


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