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Rich Nations To Control the Spread of Swine Flu

A donation of 1.5 billion dollars has been asked from global development banks and rich nations by the UN in order to help poor nations control the spread of H1N1 virus.

Insight on Africa from the break room

A chat over coffee gave some insight to a daunting health issue

Healing heads and mending minds: Challenges of mental health

Poor mental health is a global problem worthy of increased attention, but also one with unique challenges.

Just another pandemic

Should we name the flu every year? Hurricanes get their own name, and they kill far fewer people.

Reducing disease: More health and care, less healthcare?

A new WHO report identifies leading threats to global health, & treating them is more about plumbing than doctors

Can Ice Creams Control Your Brain?

Research suggests that the consumption of full fat ice creams and junk food on a daily basis can lead to obesity.

A shot of reality for HIV-vaccine news

“ vaccine is 31.2% effective,” but don't roll up your sleeves for a stick in the arm

Global Health Care Provision-An Overview

Provision of health care on a global level needs to be revived in order to make it accessible for society

Modeling health reform on the NFL

Health care reformers should use the NFL to help make the U.S. NICE-er

What does “healthy” mean to you?

Science and data are important tools for preventing disease, but equally important is a clear vision of what “health”


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