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Health Reform and Cancer (and...)

American healthcare might work for cancer patients, but does it work for anyone else?

Is “Value-based” Healthcare As Good As They Say?

Hearing healthcare decision-makers call for “value-based” purchasing systems sounds great, but what does it mean?

The Forgotten Medical Costs of Obesity in America

Want to cut American healthcare costs? Cut calories.

Costs and Benefits: Foreign to U.S. medicine

Americans should follow Britons and be NICE-er.

Swine Flu and Sacrifices

The U.S. and other rich nations should fight swine flu by giving more to others and asking more from their own.

If health reformers were LOTR characters, part 2

Re-imagining players in the U.S. health reform drama as LOTR characters. Part 2 of 2.

If health reformers were LOTR characters...

Re-imagining players in the health reform drama as LOTR characters: Part 1 of 2.

American Health Costs Outweigh Benefits: A difficult lesson

Tonight Barack Obama faces a difficult task: showing that American health care costs outweigh benefits.

Helping Health Reform with Hulu

The current health reform proposals won't cut costs. Maybe a letter to Rep. Pelosi about Hulu would help.

Do Health Industry Insiders Doubt Reforms?

A study found 70% of US health care companies unprepared for reforms. Do industry insiders know something others don't?


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