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Regulating Steroids in Sports with Spectators

Should fans shoulder responsibility for regulating steroid use in athletes?

Steroids and Cigarettes: Prevention through price hikes

Sports leagues should raise the cost of steroids just as tobacco regulators have raised the cost of cigarettes.

Where's mHealth in the Developed World?

Many players offer mHealth services in the developing world, but where are the mHealth companies in developed nations?

mHealth at MIT

Students from MIT are doing good work by using mobile phones to link patients and doctors in the developing world.

Michael Jackson and U.S. Health Care Reform

Will Michael Jackson's autopsy report speed U.S. health care reform efforts?

Drug Facts Boxes: Towards U.S. Health Care Reform

Researchers at Dartmouth developed a tool - the drug facts box - that would benefit health system reforms.

Medical Services for Iranian Protesters

Where do injured Iranian protesters receive health care?

Anticipatory Medical Devices: The future of medicine?

Profiling Dr. Donald Ingber and his vision of the future of medicine - "anticipatory medical devices."

Looking to the EU from the U.S. biologic drug market

The European Union's regulations regarding market exclusivity in the drug market holds lessons for the United States.

Health blogger introduction

Sam Wertheimer joins Justmeans' editorial advisory board with a focus on the health industry and health innovations.


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