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Energy-Efficient Train Travels Over 230 Mph, Wins German Design Award

Bombardier Transportation has been awarded the prestigious German Design Award for its ZEFIRO 380 very high speed (VHS) train. The train, currently being manufactured in China and Germany, can travel up to 236 mph (380 km/h) and employs advanced aerodynamics and other technologies to reduce energy consumption.

Going against the Trend: For one Locality the Price of Public Transit is not Increasing?

For city, county, and state governments, the question is one of determining what to do in response to higher gas prices that are likely coming to the U.S. during the summer months.

BYD Celebrates Success After Promising Taxi Trials

In China, the BYD Automobile Company has quickly worked their way into the upper echelons of the Chinese automobile industry since their founding in 2003 with a variety of very popular vehicle models. The company also has managed to gain the distinction of being the first automobile company to provide a mass produced plug-in electric with their F3DM model.

Rochester Institute of Technology: Innovative Green Transportation Leader

Colleges and universities must have the right leadership that sets the tone for going green in their transportation practices.  The Rochester Institute for Technology is a leader in green transportation technology by setting the right tone.  To set the

Like a Leaf on the Wind: NISMO's Racing Modification of the Leaf Unveiled

Since its release, the Nissan Leaf has enjoyed a great deal of success in the green car market. With a reputation for being amongst the most efficient electric vehicles available it is not surprising that Nissan would have more plans for the Leaf even as they continue to fill orders that were placed last year in the United States alone.

Planning for the Future

Going forward, how do localities move forward in the 21st Century? While a lot of metro areas depend largely on the traditional mode of transportation--cars to get to and from their destinations.

Daimler's car2go Rental Program to Go Green

Offering vehicles on a rental based pickup service is not entirely foreign to European cities. In fact, for some time now Paris, France has experimented with the idea with their proposed Autolib' program which is based off an already successful bicycle loan system.

Is your Campus Bike Friendly?

When choosing a college and university to attend, one of the first things that may not cross anyone's mind is:  How transportation friendly is the particular school in terms of alternative transportation?  Does the school have bike paths whereby students, faculty, staff, etc.

London Makes Plans to Turn Black Cabs Green

Converting forms of public transportation over to green technology is a great way of reducing the carbon emissions in a particular metropolitan area. To this effect, many cities around the world have invested in buses that utilize either hybrid systems or fully renewable fuel sources.

What are your Green Transportation Ideas?

Green transportation may not be as easy as it appears on paper.  In particular, for companies of the 21st Century, to compete they must find innovative and creative ways to go green and maintain as well as increase their bottom line.


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