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South Korea's Ambitious Green Public Transportation System

When riding a bus, some of the first thoughts that may come to mind are "I do it out of necessity because I don't have a car," or "I do it because I want to save the environment."  Both reasons seem to be prevalent among everyday ride goers both in the U.S.

Smaller, Cheaper, Greener: Renault's New Plan for Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles have quickly caught on in the last several years to the point where the industry is now awash with a wide variety of electric models, conversions, and plans for future adoption of the green technology. While some electric vehicles remain a bit out of reach for the ordinary consumer, many companies are taking steps to make electric vehicles affordable and easy to find.

China and Spain Show Efficiency Needn't be Flashy

On Friday both China and Spain adopted policies to improve fuel efficiency and curb pollution.

Econation Bringing Eco-Conscious Innovation to the Forefront

Everyday it seems many companies are trying to win accolades for their commitment to going green.  The question is a company truly genuine in its commitment to go green when it comes to transportation or is it simply engaging in green washing?

What Brings Sustainable Transport in Urban Centers?

Urban centers both here in the U.S. and abroad are often densely populated.

Google: Not Just a Database of Information, but a 21st Century Innovator

We all know Google is a warehouse of information.  If one needs to find out information on a particular topic, a keyword search on google can take one to over one thousand potential areas of information.  In essence, Google is a place to go to find the information one is looking for.

Will Rolls-Royce Go From Exclusive to Exclusively Green?

In the luxury automobile market, the prevalence of electric vehicles and hybrid cars is not nearly as impressive as it is in other areas. However, Rolls-Royce has announced that it is currently looking into just what electric and hybrid technology can do with their iconic luxury automobiles.

Japan Prepares to Go Beyond High Speed With Maglev Trains

Japan has long been at the forefront of high speed rail development since they laid down the first tracks for the Shinkansen system back in the 1960s. Since then, the bullet trains in Japan have grown into the busiest high speed rail line in the world and serve as the example for what high speed rail can become in other countries.

Toyota Prepares to Unveil Their Latest Electric Vehicle Creation

It seems these days that only a few weeks need to pass before hearing word that Toyota is making preparations to push another electric or hybrid vehicle. With their dedication to the industry clear, it is no surprise that they would invest so much into electric vehicle production in order to become an example and leader for other car manufacturers while also keeping up with competition.

Flex Car Programs: Marrying Going Green with America's Car Culture

What is uniquely American is a distinct car culture.  Compared to many societies around the world, the U.S.


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