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Wisconsin Stalemate Imperils Transit Funding

Funding for Public Transit Imperiled in Wisconsin Budget Dispute

U.S. Firm Zap: Bringing Green Globally

Zap has an Agreement with China to Invest in Electric Car Infrastructure

China Crowns Itself Queen of Electric Cars

By 2015 the country plans to be producing a million electric vehicles each and every year.

Bombardier Rides the Rails With Greener, More Efficient Rail Technology

Earlier today, I took some time to give a brief run through of Bombardier's Aerospace division and their fantastic work with transforming aircraft into greener machines.

Bombardier Aerospace Turns the Skies Green

Around the world, there are a variety of business and corporations that work towards the development of greener, more environmentally friendly transportation technologies. One such company is Bombardier, a leader in both the aerospace and transportation industries with an eye for efficiency.

How Does Green Transportation Pay Dividends?

Study: Green Transportation Pays Tangible Dividends

Clinton Global Initiative: Honoring Green Transportation Companies

Electric Transportation Association: Leading the Way with Electric Cars

High-Speed Rail Plan Spells New Era for US Transit

High speed rail projects will create thousands of jobs and reduce air pollution - if Congress will approve the funding.

New Hydrogen Powered Yacht Concept Finds Its Roots in Cold War Designs

The development of green transportation on the sea is a fairly interesting one when one takes a moment to look at it. The earliest methods of sailing were accomplished using “green” technology in the form of sails that caught the wind, while many of today’s designs are focused on using the sun or alternative fuels to achieve propulsion.


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