Cause Branding Gets Real

Sep 8, 2011 4:15 PM ET

There’s a reason the phrase “walk a mile in their shoes” is such a common idiom – it’s the best way to truly understand another person’s circumstances. What was once no more than a figure of speech is now a real possibility thanks to new technologies that are bringing issues and experiences to life. Liz Claiborne has been on the forefront of domestic violence awareness for 20 years, and the company recently made the issue even more personal with a new iPhone app that will allow parents of teenagers to understand the true nature of a negative teen relationship. Parents can sign up for the app which will send them a battery of controlling and harassing calls, texts and emails from a “boyfriend” or “girlfriend.”

In addition to simulating discomfort, technology can also provide positive experiences. Digital museums allow individuals to visit famous places and installations around the world, such as Anne Frank’s house or Monet 2010, without ever setting foot on a plane. And, Trend Central highlighted an app that actually allows new parents to see life through the eyes of a newborn with technology mimicking a child’s vision as he or she goes through the stages of development.

Immersive technologies can enhance our lives – whether promoting empathy or providing rich new experiences. Just imagine the possibilities for bringing causes to life for your supporters and influencers and taking their engagement to the next level. The days in which an organization simply tells supporters a story are winding down; today, they can experience the cause first-hand.


Whitney Dailey