CNH Industrial Bank Promotes Initiatives to Help Further Gender Equity in Brazil

Apr 8, 2021 4:00 PM ET

In a traditionally male dominated sector, CNH Industrial Bank, the Company’s in-house financing division, in Brazil is investing in its female workforce, with a range of debates and inclusion programs, with the aim of attracting a greater number of women to more prominent functions and positions across its teams. The ultimate objective is to reduce the gender gap both inside and outside the Company. This initiative forms part of CNH Industrial’s wider diversity and inclusion initiatives.

With over 21 years of experience in Brazil, CNH Industrial Bank has some 240 employees, of which 48% are female. Today, women hold 42% of leadership positions and 50% of them are members of the Bank's management committee.

“CNH Industrial is committed to enhancing diversity and inclusion across all company business environments, and this is reflected in the culture of CNH Industrial Bank. We understand that diversity increases creativity, enriches the Company's prospects and results in innovation and productivity. For us, it's difference that makes the difference,” said Rafael Pimenta, Human Resources Manager, Latin America, at CNH Industrial Bank.

In 2020, CNH Industrial won the AB Diversity Award in the Automotive sector for the second consecutive year. The company was awarded for its transverse actions to promote diversity and inclusion, in addition to continuing initiatives for gender equity (the award is a partnership between MHD Consultoria and the publisher Automotive Business).

CNH Industrial also encourages female entrepreneurship and focuses on empowering women through its social actions. In 2021, as well as ringfencing a proportion of vacancies for women in need, CNH Industrial bank will support three social projects that are specifically focused on this area. In Minas Gerais state, Fa.Vela offers programs in digital literacy and the development of skills in robotics, entrepreneurship and IoT (Internet of Things) for adolescents from challenging communities. In São Paulo, Arte da Terra offers a pottery workshop to transform art into income generation. And in partnership with Aliança Empreendedora, a digital entrepreneurship course will be held, for some 630 individuals throughout Brazil.

Erika Michalick, CNH Industrial Sustainability Manager, South America, explained that following the pandemic many families that were already struggling, experienced a further drastic reduction in income. As a result, the Company is focused on projects that deliver training for the labor market alongside developing entrepreneurial skills. “By upskilling the female workforce, we are contributing to helping improve the lives of these families, as well as promoting female empowerment. Female empowerment changes how women see themselves, their abilities and their opportunities,” she explained.