Cummins Is Repowering KLW Locomotives Across the U.S. To Help the Company Meet Sustainability Commitments

Mar 18, 2022 8:05 AM ET

The images of powerful trains chugging down a railroad track pushing black smoke into the air is nostalgic, but is literally killing the environment. Today, Cummins Inc. is making engines to power locomotives, yet reduce the impact on the environment. 

Cummins and Knoxville Locomotive Works, (KLW) announced the next step in Tier 4 locomotive repower programs. KLW recently completed the remanufacture of an existing line-haul freight locomotive utilizing the Cummins 4,400 horsepower Tier 4 certified QSK95 engine system. 

“We are excited to showcase our clean diesel technology in freight locomotives,” said Regina Barringer, Cummins Global General Manager, Rail and Defense. “Many rail operators have committed to reach net zero emissions and we are confident that the QSK95 will play an important role to helping rail operators improve the emissions for both their current and future line up of locomotives.”

The KLWX 4400 ACT4 locomotive is currently running on Canadian National Railway, where it is undergoing reliability growth testing. KLW anticipates commercial availability of the KLWX 4400 ACT4 in the second half of 2023