Digital Expectations

by Matthew Nelson
Mar 15, 2016 12:30 PM ET

At New York Life we are implementing a new partner to handle our volunteering, giving campaign (or as I like to think of it now, marketing campaign for giving), and matching gifts programs. The process takes my breath away. I am in complete awe of how many details there are that must be gotten right. And I realize that I have very unrealistic expectations. Here’s why.

I Google things dozens of times a day. I now expect every search engine to know me and bring up exactly what I want the first time. I want it to recognize that I misspelled or mistyped something and correct it, question it, or search for what I really meant. I want the search engine to know what I have done in the past and make some assumptions about my next search. I want it to think like Matthew thinks! In a scary way, Google does all that. 

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Matthew Nelson is a Corporate Vice President at New York Life and oversees all of the agent and employee engagement programs including the giving campaign, matching gifts, disaster response, volunteer grants and programs. He also provides strategy support for communications for the New York Life Foundation and Corporate Responsibility Department. He has served in similar roles with American Express and Ameriprise Financial. Most recently he was Vice President of Member Services and Membership at the Council on Foundations, the trade association for foundations in the United States.