Durkan Rolls Out the Pink Carpet for Susan G. Komen with Specify for a Cure

Durkan’s New Camélia Rose Carpet Collection Signifies Love and Hope
Nov 6, 2018 9:55 AM ET

What are we loving right now? Our new Camélia Rose broadloom carpet collection – inspired by love, enhanced with patented technology, and designated to help find a cure.

The collection is named for two flowers that connote deep significance. For centuries, the rose and the camellia have been used as symbols of longevity and purity, and the rose has long been a talisman of love and passion. In the Victorian Era, sending pink and red camellias to someone conveyed that you were the flame in their heart.

In addition to love, purity and longevity, our Camélia Rose carpet collection engenders hope. We partnered for this collection with Virginia Langley, a premier fashion textile designer who has done work for luxury homes and hotels around the world. She designed Camélia Rose in tribute to the countless courageous women who have battled breast cancer, and we designated her new collection to help support Susan G. Komen’s fight against breast cancer.

Langley is no stranger to cancer. “My family has had to deal with cancer, and my father is a cancer survivor,” she explained. “I can only imagine how difficult it is to go through, and how strong one has to be to get through.”

She dedicates her design “to all the women who have gone through suffering or loss, who show us and inspire us with their beauty and strength … to me, you are all the flames in our hearts,” she said.

Durkan is deeply dedicated to the fight against breast cancer, and we’ve been a long-term partner of Susan G. Komen. In fact, since 2001, Mohawk has contributed more than $5.6 million on behalf of our customers and employees. We’re proud to help make a difference through our corporate donation program, Specify for a Cure.

When you specify eligible Specify for a Cure flooring products for your projects, including Camélia Rose, we donate a portion of the proceeds to Susan G. Komen.

So it only made sense that this year we rolled out our new Camélia Rose carpet at the finish line of the Susan G. Komen 3-Day walks across the country. Greeting the walkers at the end of their journey with Langley’s love and hope inspired design seemed fitting to celebrate such a momentous milestone.

Specifying our Camélia Rose collection will help transform hospitality properties, but it has the potential to do much more. By helping fund the work of Susan G. Komen it may also transform women’s lives—with a cure.

To find out more about Camélia Rose and our commitment to Susan G. Komen, contact your rep or visit here for more information.