Ecocentricity Blog: Congrats to the Lifecycle Building Center

Dec 6, 2016 9:45 AM ET

The Lifecycle Building Center has a permanent home, and I’m sure that Shannon, Adam and the whole team are feeling a sense of pride. Given their hard work the last several years, they deserve this moment.


At the end of June 2012, a chapter of my life closed and a new one began. It wasn’t a dramatic change. We aren’t talking a John Grisham novel where a bombshell goes off at the end of a chapter and you, the reader, are left incapable of putting the book down. Heck, if you know me, you’d probably say that my life’s story would read more like a textbook than a novel. Still, that month began a new chapter in my life that can best be entitled, “Homeownership.”

I was fortunate to be in the position of buying a home in the first place. The effects of 2008’s global economic meltdown (that’s the technical term, right?) lingered in the housing market for years, leaving prices still severely depressed in 2012. Fortunately, that was the year I was able to enter the market, making my timing extraordinarily good as a result of my simple dumb luck.

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