Every Day Is “Data Privacy Day” at Alliance Data

By Sarah Spradling, Alliance Data
Jan 28, 2021 7:40 AM ET

Respect one’s privacy.

It’s a basic societal tenet that most of us learned from our parents at a very young age. When applied to thoughts, personal space or belongings, privacy is what gives us control over if, when, how and to whom we share the things we hold dear.

Of course, in the Information Age, privacy has taken on added meaning — and importance. Data is the primary currency of the 21st century, and ensuring the personal data that is entrusted to us is secure and protected is critically important. Businesses and other organizations that collect, use or share our data have an obligation to handle it legally, and with transparency.

Data privacy matters to Alliance Data and is integral to our very existence as a business. As a leading global provider of data-driven marketing, loyalty and payment solutions, we must ensure that we have the right blend of people, tools, processes and governance in place to protect our stakeholders’ data assets.

That’s why Data Privacy Day, which takes place annually on January 28, is extremely important to Alliance Data.  Created to raise awareness and promote best practices in data privacy and protection, Data Privacy Day is an international opportunity to reflect on the value of information, and how critical safeguarding data is to our business and everyone we serve.

As data value increases, so must privacy protection

Data has never been more valuable; a fact reinforced by the recent COVID-19 pandemic. As virtual shopping platforms quickly replaced in-store commerce, and as many as 60% of employees began working from home, data and the means to protect it dramatically increased in importance.

At Alliance Data, we give merchants the tools to acquire and retain valuable customers through digital and traditional payment solutions that engage millions of consumers each day. And while customers like personalized, data-driven marketing offers that align with their needs and preferences, 90% are also concerned about online privacy.1 That’s why we’re committed to providing a complete consumer experience that is simple, convenient and secure.

It is important to note that while government regulations may lay the framework for privacy procedures, companies who make data privacy and protection central to their business models go well beyond legal mandates. Why? Because we have a responsibility to our partners and our customers — and it’s good for business.

Perhaps the most important notion tied to Data Privacy Day is that it isn’t a “day” at all. Every day is Data Privacy Day at Alliance Data, and for the hundreds of merchants and millions of customers we serve.

After all, it’s not just important to respect and protect one’s privacy. It’s essential. 

1 Brian Byer, “Internet users worry about online privacy but feel powerless to do much about it,” Entrepreneur, June 20, 2018, entrepreneur.com


Sarah Spradling is the Director of Privacy at Alliance Data Systems Corporation and the Chief Privacy Officer of Comenity Bank