FedEx Business Spotlight: LipRevolt

Sep 21, 2022 10:20 AM ET

LipRevolt is a cosmetic brand that caters to individuals who identify as women or gender nonconforming, especially women of color. LipRevolt seeks to promote social activism and the belief that you can inspire change and look amazing while doing it. To show their commitment to racial equality, LGBTQ rights, and women’s empowerment, LipRevolt donates 10% of sales to nonprofit organizations supporting these issues.

“I applied to the FedEx E-Commerce Learning Lab because I knew I wanted to get extra assistance with how to market my brand and grow an audience in a virtual environment. I didn’t want to waste money trying to determine what would work for my brand without expert help. I needed to know exactly who my customers were, how to meet their needs and determine how to reach these individuals during the biggest shopping events of the year.

The FedEx E-Commerce Learning Lab with 37 Oaks and AOF helped my business truly hone in on my unique value proposition, my inventory management, and marketing techniques. It allowed me to identify weaknesses in my business processes and to test the waters on some marketing tactics while they handled the logistics involved with fulfillment.”

Courtney Wright, Owner/Founder, LipRevolt, Atlanta, GA

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