Five Ways Companies in the Construction Industry Are Focusing on Sustainability in 2016

by Megan Wild
May 5, 2016 12:30 PM ET

In 2015, G&S Business Communications Sense & Sustainability Study determined that only 21 percent of the adults polled for the study ranked construction among the top three sustainable industries. When Ron Loch, the author of the study, was asked his thoughts on why the number was so low, he attributed it to public perception and the images those perceptions invoked in people's’ minds.

But Loch also believes that construction companies can change that perception. By defining sustainability and identifying issues important to their business, he predicts that owners can start projecting their individual sustainability goals and demonstrating their progress toward those objectives.

Despite popular belief and the outcome of Loch’s study, the construction industry is making great strides toward sustainability and green building. Here are five ways these companies are showing their commitment to more eco-friendly building practices in 2016.

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Megan Wild is an observer of the construction industry and writes about her adventures in home improvement on her blog, Your Wild Home. You can find her tweeting about the construction industry and design ideas on Twitter.