Global Leaders From Public and Private Sectors Convene to Discuss Gender Equality

By Kiersten Barnet, Global Head of the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index
Oct 2, 2019 2:20 PM ET

At this week’s Bloomberg Global Business Forum, the world’s most influential leaders from across the public and private sector convened to discuss the theme of restoring global stability. In addition to providing a venue for meaningful conversations on the climate crisis and the importance of collaboration, the event featured a roundtable titled Gender Equality: Close the Gap, Drive Returns that covered the economic impacts of gender equality.

Mary Schapiro, Advisor to the Founder and Chairman and Vice Chair for Global Public Policy at Bloomberg LP, joined me as host for the roundtable, which featured men and women from across the public and private sectors who have made significant progress with regard to gender-related issues. I was heartened by the lively discussion that included fresh insights on how to balance the scales between men and women globally. Hearing from representatives who came from around the world – including The Netherlands, Albania, India, Japan – and lead major financial institutions, nations or nongovernmental organizations was inspiring, especially considering the growth we have seen over time with our own Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index.

Mary kicked off the conversation with an overview of how tackling gender inequality will lead to economic growth and stability.

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