Going Global With Workplace Giving & Volunteering: Find Out Everything You Need To Know!

The word “headache” doesn’t begin to describe how it feels to face the challenges of going global with corporate volunteering and giving programs.
May 21, 2013 5:10 AM ET

Are you facing a mandate from management to take your employee engagement programs global? Or are you already in the process? In partnership with LBG Associates, RW is announcing a new research project that will show you how to take your employee engagement program overseas—without losing your mind.

Going Global

The word “headache” doesn’t begin to describe how it feels to face the challenges of going global. No matter where your company is based, taking your programs “elsewhere” is fraught with cultural, legal, currency, logistical, managerial and many more pitfalls.

We know! We hear it from clients all the time. That’s why Realized Worth is partnering with LBG Associates to produce a report that will show you how companies like yours have found solutions to the challenges of expanding employee engagement programs.

This is not just another benchmarking report. LBG Associates will be interviewing the people on the ground, the ones doing the work and coping with the challenges. They will also be talking to potential partners around the globe—people who can help you roll out a global corporate citizenship program. This essential report will tell you what to expect, what works, what doesn’t, and potential solutions to your barriers.

Possibly the most exciting aspect of this project is that the report will be delivered at the U.N. Summit for the Advancement of Corporate Volunteering in the spring of 2014 on behalf of the Corporate Sponsors who made the project possible.

What’s in it For You?

Here’s what you’ll receive when you participate:

1. Clarity on the issues facing global corporate citizenship programs, such as:

  • Traditional Volunteerism
  • Skills-Based Volunteerism/Pro Bono/Fellowships
  • Dollars for Doers
  • Matching Gifts
  • Workplace Giving
  • Vendor Management
  • Practical solutions

This report will show not just the successes, but the false starts and missteps taken—so you can avoid making them yourself. You will learn from other company’s mistakes and benefit from their experiences, saving you time, money and frustration as you take your programs global.

2. Trends and Best Practices

The report will have a section on trends and best practices, gleaned from the experiences of the participating companies. This will be an essential reference for global community involvement managers, both seasoned and those just beginning to take their volunteer programs overseas.

3. Potential partners from around the world

One of the most exciting results of the project will be the list of vetted organizations who can help you with your employee volunteer and giving programs. Tell us what you need in a partner and during the course of our research we will compile a list of organizations who can help you engage your global workforce.