Green Obsessed or Passionately Green?

Blog by Julie Urlaub, Founder and Managing Partner at Taiga Company
Oct 14, 2011 4:33 AM ET
Look around and you'll see going green slogans everywhere.  The web is full of information on going green, living a sustainable lifestyle and advice on green businesses.   For many, this mountain of information can be confusing and at times a little overwhelming.   In fact, the post, A Practical Plan for When You Feel Overwhelmed, refers to overwhelm and its effect on our ability to make choices.
As we've experienced in our sustainability consulting practice, many "eco curious" clients express confusion as to what it means to live green or support sustainable business practices.  Other components of confusion include differing perspectives on where an individual or a business is on the green path as well as the adoption of sustainability.  
Leveraging the post, Increase Your Passion for Work Without Becoming Obsessed, we note there is a difference in being green obsessed or passionately green.  While the post refers to work obsessed or harmoniously passionate, the same principals can be applied to the path of sustainability.  
"Those who are obsessively passionate about their work are inflexibly, excessively and compulsively committed, finding it difficult to disengage. As such, they are setting up bad habits from the start, and risking burnout in the longer run. Note that harmonious passion is correlated with flow — the mental state of being completely present and fully immersed in a task. Research shows that it's flow that is conducive to creativity, not obsessive passion. The positive emotions and intrinsic joy that is associated with harmonious passion is what propels one to greatness, not the negative emotions, compulsions, and unstable ego that is associated with obsessive passion."   Click here to continue reading Green Obsessed or Passionately Green

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