Growing Sustainable Business Leaders

By Mac Macartney
Jul 13, 2017 12:30 PM ET

Business leaders across all sectors are feeling the tug, the dip and pull of something deep beneath their feet. A future so uncertain they can no longer ignore it. It is not the erratic, unpredictable and irascible vagaries of the new US president, a resurgent Russia, a fractured European Union or the growth of disaffected communities around the world. It is the quaking of our earth on the brink of exhaustion.

The bio-systems that support life on earth are vast, complex, and immensely vital. Nowhere in the universe have we found anything remotely comparable. Some may dream of living on Mars but those astronauts who have had the privilege of looking back at Earth, have been unequivocal in their devotion to our blue planet and the profound sense of home that it inspires in us.

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Mac Macartney is an international speaker, author and leadership coach working to catalyse the emergence of purpose-led leaders and a sustainable future. The founder of Liquid School (helping business imagine a sustainable future), he also founded leadership-based social enterprise, Embercombe. He is on the Advisory Board for DanoneWave, the largest Public Benefit Corporation in the U.S.

Mac speaks to leaders across the corporate, public and third sectors. He recently spoke at the Sustainable Brands conference in Istanbul, Unilever’s 1HC global conference in London and Mars Corporation in Brussels. He has delivered four compelling TEDx talks. For more information visit: