Herbalife Nutrition Honors World Food Day

Herbalife Nutrition brings awareness to global hunger through Nutrition for Zero Hunger initiative.
Oct 16, 2020 12:05 PM ET

Globally, 2 billion people worldwide do not have access to enough, nutritious food. In honor of World Food Day, Herbalife Nurition’s leadership team shares why bringing awaress to global hunger is important to them and how the company is working towards finding solutions to this critical issue.

Through their corporate Nutrition for Zero Hunger initiative, Herbalife Nutrition is committed to help take hunger to zero. Working alongside partners they are providing resources, meals and education to help feed those in need. In the past year, they have worked with more than 10 global nonprofit partners who are supporting more than 114 million people worldwide, providing more than 500,000 servings of their nutrient-dense product and donate more than 3,500 pounds of food to local food banks and families. Herbalife Nurition is committed to find the answers to this challenge.