Highlighting Home: Peace Corps Week 2018

What does home mean to you?
Feb 28, 2018 1:00 PM ET

Since 1961, the Peace Corps has cultivated nearly a quarter million citizen diplomats through cultural immersion and meaningful international engagement. The impact these experiences have had on countless individuals, both at home and abroad, is incalculable. For most Peace Corps Volunteers who learn to embrace the differences at their assigned sites, the concept of “home,” the theme for this year’s Peace Corps Week, may take a while to reflect on.

Home is a state of mind, a place of comfort, a feeling of familiarity. It has as much to do with a physical place as it does with the people, pets, sounds, flavors, and smells. In the context of Peace Corps, the beauty of an extended volunteering experience is that it gives a person time to reach that “happy place,” and prove one’s adaptability to a foreign environment.

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