How Investing in Entrepreneurs Can Reduce Food Insecurity

Herbalife Nutrition supports the U.S. African Development Foundation to eliminate hunger in African communities
Jun 18, 2021 2:45 PM ET

According to a study by the International Monetary Fund, development partners can make a tremendous difference in helping Africans put food on the table and safeguarding the continent’s food security. In recent decades, development organizations have begun to move away from the traditional model of indirect, external, and top-down solutions. Instead of relying on outside-driven initiatives, the U.S. African Development Foundation’s (USADF) approach, for example, focuses on locally-driven and participatory African engagement. Working at the grassroots level is a game-changer for their development efforts, because without a local understanding of the needs, culture, and context, development cannot be sustainable. USADF’s development model aims to provide capital and resources, build capacity, promote skills development, and improve resilience.

The focus of USADF has been to champion a community-led, participatory approach with a pan-African local network of technical partners to increase incomes, revenues, and job opportunities in marginalized communities. They support local entrepreneurs and community enterprises that are working to address some of Africa’s most significant challenges around food insecurity, energy poverty, and unemployment, particularly among women and youth.

The ability to leverage resources from USADF’s strategic corporate partnerships allows them to amplify USADF’s and their partners’ shared goals. By collaborating with the private sector, they can utilize additional capital and networks for a mutually beneficial partnership that allows for a more significant overall impact. They are proud to partner with Herbalife Nutrition through its Nutrition for Zero Hunger (NFZH) initiative, as the company and initiative closely align with the mission and goals of USADF, which includes creating pathways to prosperity for underserved African communities. With support from NFZH, they plan to support five African social entrepreneurs through our Food and Nutrition Stars (African FANS) Program.

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