How Management Consultants Can Build A Better World

Aug 2, 2011 4:16 PM ET

More and more, nonprofit philanthropists, such as Pierre M. Omidyar and Peter B. Lewis are providing management consulting services to their grantees in order to increase their organizational effectiveness. Good move. In fact, better for the world, considering the vital missions of these NGOs and nonprofits--eliminating poverty and disease and building a more peaceful, sustainable, and prosperous world for all people.

Nonprofits need first-class management consulting services.

Considering the increasing demands on nonprofits for services, and the severe financial constraints on their budgets, nonprofits would surely benefit from outstanding management assistance services. For example, imagine the CEOs of two nonprofits trying to explore strategic alliances--an important option in this environment--while also running their respective enterprises, and without the benefit of any consulting services. Would two for-profit CEOs conceive of such an undertaking? Or be able to do their jobs and manage a strategic alliance thoughtfully and effectively? (One of my nonprofit CEO clients once referred to his job as "changing a tire on a car while it's speeding down the highway).

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