Immanuel Uses Communications to Make a Global Impact

by Lauren Cole, Senior Digital Communications Specialist
Dec 4, 2020 8:00 AM ET

Immanuel Umoren has been a communicator all his life. Growing up in Nigeria, he starred in plays, performed in shows, and emceed events every chance he got. Communicating with people has been a common thread throughout his life -- he's always loved the stage. 

Today, Immanuel's stage is his role as a Communications Specialist for the Engine Business Unit (EBU) at Cummins. He works to communicate about the Cummins engine business with people across the globe. "Some days, I'll have meetings with colleagues in the UK, here in Indiana, and in California all before noon," Immanuel says. "In a sense, I get to travel the world every day!"

Whether he's the one holding the microphone or working behind the scenes, Immanuel uses his role as an opportunity to rally people around a cause, uniting them for something greater. 

"It's great to feel like we're really making an impact across the world," he says.

I'm not communicating about just engines -- those engines will go in trucks and applications that will help people get an education, harvest food, transport essential goods, or see their families. We're moving the world forward.

It's this greater purpose that first drew Immanuel to Cummins. And after interviewing with Cummins during his senior year at Hanover College, Immanuel accepted a full-time offer from the company, starting just two weeks after his graduation. 

I was struck by how Cummins is such a human company. I remember thinking, 'I've found a Fortune 150 company with a corporate culture that's actually invested in making people's lives better?' And from there I was all in.

"It's truly a company with a conscience. Cummins cares about humanity, whether we're looking at customers, employees, our community or the environment. It's crucial that when you have this much power, you recognize the responsibility that comes with it, and Cummins takes this very seriously."

Immanuel is a man of values. Since he was young, his parents instilled in him the value of hard work, humility, respect and optimism. It takes only a couple of minutes with Immanuel to see those values shine through his words and actions. An eternal optimist, Immanuel is usually wearing the biggest smile in the room, starting conversations and building connections with anyone he comes across. 

"I embrace any chance I get to foster relationships and build memories, get outside, eat something, laugh, take pictures and capture moments -- it's all about enjoying life. It's such a gift," he adds.

Outside of the office, Immanuel enjoys experimenting with style and fashion. He doesn't shy away from bold colors, patterns and new shapes to express himself. In a sea of business casual, Immanuel stands out in the best way possible by bringing together business and art. 

"I read the stories about J. Irwin Miller, and I was so enthralled with how he brought art and architecture to the city of Columbus. A life with art is a beautiful life."

As for the next step in his career at Cummins, Immanuel hopes to continue to find new ways to provide value and tackle new challenges through authentic human communication. Whatever the future holds, you can bet he will meet it with style & a smile. 

"I'm learning that one of the keys to building a successful career is to recognize that you're valuable, and there's power in our differences. The experiences of your life have given you a perspective and a dimension that no one else has. That diversity of ideas is what keeps us moving. That's how Cummins will continue to lead through the next 100 years."

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