Improve Stock Value, Employee Engagement and Reduce Impacts with One Solution

Blog by Julie Urlaub, Founder and Managing Partner at Taiga Company
Oct 14, 2010 9:34 AM ET

Sometimes, corporate sustainability is like playing telephone.  Witnessed from a high level, a company's corporate sustainability plan may embrace all the right frameworks, include the buzz words, and authentically and credibly, embrace sustainability initiatives.  However, organizations seeking to capture the attention of investors, pair employee values with CSR initiatives while also reducing environmental impacts and cost, now have a solution. 

What is it?  PeopleTowels.  PeopleTowels are reusable, personal organic cotton hand towels.  A simple solution with big impacts.  
Stock Value:
A new joint study by the London and Harvard Business School’s has shown that having visible CSR strategies in place boosts a company’s stock price.  According to the post,  
CSR Improves Your Stock Value — Official!," a company’s CSR strategies are now seen as a value creating activity, leading analysts to recommend them more often, leading to subsequent rises in their stock value.  Basically, CSR strategies can provide stock prices with a boost, and the more visible those strategies are the bigger that boost may be."    The fact is businesses with a demonstrated effort to reduce risk have a higher probability of a stable future. PeopleTowels is a visible solution demonstrating corporate values.
Employee Engagement:
Sustainability is a key consideration in attracting and retaining employees.  Similar to the corporate efforts of providing employees with reusable coffee mugs, water bottles, and totes,  People Towels is a similar step - a means to engage employees, tie the corporate sustainability plan to a personalize, local level, while simultaneously reducing costs (paper, water) and environmental impacts.   According to the Society for Human Resources Management’s (SHRM) 2007 Green Workplace Survey, 61% of employees whose organization participated in environmentally friendly practices reported that they are “very likely” or “likely” to stay with their current organization because of their organization’s environmentally responsible program. In addition, 36% reported improved employee morale and employees reported strong public image (67%) as the top positive outcome of environmentally responsible programs for organizations.  The short version: tying corporate sustainability initiatives to day to day processes makes CSR more personable to an employee and helps employees to identify their role in corporate responsibility.  Click here to continue reading.

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