Innovation via Sustainability - A Winning Ticket to Beating the Competition

Blog by Julie Urlaub, Founder and Managing Partner at Taiga Company
Aug 11, 2011 10:50 AM ET
How does an organization outperform the stock market in good times and insulate itself from fallout during the bad times?  A study from the University Of Southern California Marshall School Of Business says innovation is the key.  
Solidifying that fact is a new Ernst & Young study titled ‘Turn Risks and Opportunities into Results' has found that “domestic companies are innovating in an unprecedented manner to beat competition and remain relevant to their target customer base in a fast changing environment” following the recent economic downturn.   
The post, Companies Accelerating Innovation to Beat Competition, E&Y Survey states,   "Results from this study are markedly different from prior surveys following the past two recessions.  Ram Sarvepalli, Ernst &Young’s India leader for risk advisory services, notes  “while the past couple of years have been marked by intense cost-cutting, we are now seeing companies responding to competition by innovating, improving execution strategies and investing to improve operational agility and competitiveness .”  Companies that have been successful in innovating new products and services, cited several factors as enabling innovation – the top two being 1) Organization-wide strategy of repeatable, sustainable innovation and 2) Having a well-established processes for managing innovation.  Click here to read more about sustainability as a pathway to innovation

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