Innovative Financial Options for Impact Investment Funds Targeting Community Challenges

Oct 27, 2021 10:15 AM ET

by Rick Davis of LOHAS Capital 

Financial fundraising for traditional investment funds is trying under the best of circumstances. The degree of difficulty for social and environmental impact funds seeking investment during uncertain times can be far higher. Nonetheless, there are innovative, albeit less traveled, paths to investment that may be well suited for impact funds.

These creative fundraising approaches come as the challenges that communities face are increasing (or, at least, are becoming better recognized), whether those are the issues of localized groups, or communities of underserved populations, or broader social concerns that cut across race, gender, and geography.

A few innovative fundraising options are explored in this article, including: 

Banks (under the Community Reinvestment Act),  Donor-Advised Funds,  and (perhaps most promising) Fiscal Sponsor Programs

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