Investments to Promote a More Inclusive Society

By Courtney King Murphy, Director, Strategic Partnerships, CECP
Dec 6, 2018 2:25 PM ET

It is undeniably a divisive time in the United States with growing inequality, polarization of the political spheres, heightened racial tensions, and acts of extremist violence. We are all longing for greater empathy and tolerance. CECP is proud to mark the Day of Understanding by launching a new White Paper, Diversity & Inclusion in Corporate Social Engagement, as one step we, together with our companies, are taking to further embrace difference and build more inclusive cultures in our companies and communities. This report and its findings were previewed with a session at the CECP Summit in May 2018 and with companies participating in CECP’s Accelerate Community on Diversity and Inclusion in Corporate Social Engagement on November 19.

Corporate Social Engagement (CSE), by its very nature, reaches outwards to lift up and improve specific aspects of society, both for the benefit of the community and the company. CECP companies invest in a wide range of focus areas, outlined in this year’s Giving in Numbers report, which range from the arts, disaster relief, and the environment, to health and human services, education, and community and economic development. However, within those focus areas, how do companies seek to intentionally support equitable access to resources and opportunities for all?


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