Investor ESG: What You Need To Know About Fink’s Quiet Earthquake

by Peter Truesdale
Feb 25, 2016 12:30 PM ET

Larry Fink is Chief Executive of BlackRock.  BlackRock’s portfolio weighs in at a cool US $4.6 trillion.  So when he speaks it’s wise to listen.  He has spoken.  And what he has said, in a letter to top US and European CEOs, is the single most significant intervention ever made by an investor on CSR issues.

Business Insider managed to obtain a copy of this private letter and post it on-line.  It is a much more detailed, punchier version of a blog Fink posted last year.  The fact that a second letter was needed at all suggests Fink didn’t believe the message had been received and acted upon.

The letter is complete and well-crafted.  It deserves a read from beginning to end. 

To help busy CSR/sustainability professionals here are my five top take-aways.

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Peter has been working in corporate responsibility and sustainability for a quarter of a century now. Having worked for clients on every continent, he has delivered projects across the whole value chain from sourcing to product use, working with clients in many different industries ranging from Royal Mail Group to Mars, from Diageo to Barclays.

As Director at Corporate Citizenship, Peter leads on codes of conduct, external standards and investor-facing indices such as DJSI and MSCI, and has a wealth of expertise and experience in public and community affairs. Peter was awarded an OBE in 2015 for public and political services.