Managing Climate Risk

An Interview with Nick Martin, Sustainability Practice Leader
Oct 23, 2020 9:00 AM ET

Across every sector, businesses are coming under increased pressure from regulators, investors and customers to think more seriously about their exposure to climate risk—both the physical risks of climate change, but also the transition risks associated with the shift to a low carbon economy.

In this interview, Source Global Research spoke with Nick Martin, Sustainability Practice Leader at Antea Group, in order to better understand how clients are approaching the challenge of mitigating climate risk. This interview is part of Source Global Research's recently published emerging trends report "Sustainable Future: A Climate Transformed."

How much has interest in climate and environmental sustainability increased among your clients over the last few years?

Client interest in sustainability and climate scenario modelling has increased dramatically over the last year or two. New disclosure standards like TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures) have played a key role in accelerating that shift. Previously, clients were looking at individual risks—like flooding, food shortages, fires, and so on—but TCFD compelled them to bring those all together and think about those physical and transition risks under a single umbrella. And when the big investment funds like Blackrock started coming out and saying that they would be factoring in TCFD reporting into their investment decisions, that really forced businesses to start taking these questions and associated disclosures more seriously.

In response to the uptick in client interest in sustainability reporting, a wide variety of specialist service providers in this space have started to emerge. It feels like new tools and new technologies for this purpose are constantly hitting the market right now. Tools and data platforms are an important piece of the puzzle, but human interpretation of business relevance differentiates leaders from laggards. Read More of the Interview on Antea Group's Blog Here.

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