New Innovation Lab Cultivates Women-Led Businesses in the Sanitation Economy

Oct 5, 2020 11:00 AM ET

Powered by the Toilet Board Coalition, with the strategic support of Kimberly-Clark and its Kotex brand, the Women in the Sanitation Economy Innovation Lab is a new initiative intended to cultivate and catalyze early stage ideas and businesses within the Sanitation Economy that are either women-led and/or women’s health-focused.

The Innovation Lab initiative features five women-led businesses and expands the reach of the Toilet Board Coalition’s current Sanitation Economy Accelerator Program, with a call for catalyzing innovations and business models that fill the gaps needed to leapfrog to next-generation sanitation systems, and addresses specific gaps in the Sanitation Economy from a technological, business model, demographic or geographical perspective.
“There is a clear need for more innovation and business solutions to meet exploding consumer demand and to close the gaps on hygiene, including women’s health,” said Pete Dulcamara, Kimberly-Clark’s Chief Scientist and a member of the Toilet Board Coalition’s Partnership Council. “This new initiative will address this need by promoting women’s empowerment and helping fill the existing gaps in women’s leadership in products and services within the Sanitation Economy.”

As a purpose-led brand, Kotex exists to ensure that a period never stands in the way of any woman’s progress. Through the commitment of the brand and its employees, Kimberly-Clark will provide mentorship from its employees around the globe to support these women-led businesses in their journey to thrive, achieve their goals and positively contribute to some of the world’s most pressing sanitation issues. The Innovation Lab program starts in October and will run for six months.

Learn more about the Women in the Sanitation Economy Innovation Lab and the businesses involved: