ON Semiconductor Innovative Technology is Shaping the Future of Sports

by Trevor Harvey, Senior Manager, Corporate Pricing America’s
Oct 15, 2020 6:00 PM ET

Technology and the sports industry are becoming intertwined like never before! The definition of “fan engagement” has changed over the past decade due to cultural shifts and technology innovations. Sports business executives can capitalize on the changing sports landscape by using ON Semiconductor applications. Below are key sports technology trends and examples of how ON Semiconductor is providing solutions to help drive these trends:

Immersive and Personalized Fan Experience: Sports consumption is shifting from a passive, one-size-fits-all approach to an immersive and personalized approach. Teams owners are investing in smart stadiums, complete with smart cameras, superior Wi-Fi and 5G connectivity, cloud capabilities, smart stadium signage, real-time data for fans, etc. to deliver an enhanced fan experience to in-person attendees and viewers at home. ON Semiconductor’s IoT solutions are uniquely positioned to help the sports industry create this engaging and customized experience for fans.

Wearable Data: Data collection has penetrated many industries and the sports industry is no different. Athletes, trainers, teams, leagues and media outlets are all demanding more data, driving up demand for wearable technology. Through our diverse portable and wireless portfolio, ON Semiconductor is on the cutting edge of portable, wireless and wearable solutions in the sports industry.

Virtual Reality (VR): Virtual reality is used by fans to uniquely watch games, used by players to train, used by media outlets to enhance their broadcast, and used by teams to scout players. VR will continue to grow within the sports industry! By offering the broadest portfolio of industry-leading image sensors, ON Semiconductor is excited to support VR growth as it transforms the viewing experience.

In-Stadium Experience: As leagues and teams continue to compete with the in-home viewing experience, savvy sports executives have enhanced the in-stadium experience in a variety of ways. One way is by creating highly efficient LED lighting solutions (a core competency of ON Semiconductor) in the stadium to enhance the fan experience through the use of LEDs in-stadium signage, scoreboards, concession menus and in-stadium sponsorship branding.

Media Distribution and OTT Streaming: Consumer media continues to become more disintermediated, and sports leagues are searching for new ways to showcase their product to fans. With the recent acquisition of Quantenna Communications, ON Semiconductor offers pioneering wired and wireless solutions depending on the desired data rate, range, throughput, supported topologies, security and energy efficiency.

eSports: As eSports continues to grow in popularity, the digital and global audience will continue to watch, stream, and compete via video games. Game creators and console manufacturers have trusted ON Semiconductor’s game console solutions to offer powerful, high resolution, and large memory products to eSports players and fans!

Smart Helmets and  Equipment: Mental health will continue to be a central topic in sports, affecting everyone from professional athletes to weekend warriors to youth players. The sports world is beginning to invest heavily in technology, playing equipment and monitoring equipment that will help improve the mental wellness for all players.

Player Evaluation Data: Whether you are constructing a professional sports team or playing in your neighborhood fantasy football league, player evaluation data is a consistent requirement. In order to effectively capture this data IoT prototyping platforms are needed, complete with configurable hardware, multiple cloud connectivity and easy-to-use development software.

Sports will continue to become more personalized, interactive and engaging through technology innovation. ON Semiconductor is staying ahead of the game by offering advanced solutions to help leagues, teams and media outlets provide first-class fan experiences. 

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