Promoting Good Nutrition

Herbalife Nutrition Malaysia partners with Nutrition Society of Malaysia to provide nutrition education
Nov 5, 2020 2:50 PM ET

Herbalife Nutrition Malaysia has embarked on a year-long collaboration with the Nutrition Society of Malaysia (NSM) to further reinforce nutrition education and its importance to one's overall wellbeing. The partnership involves collaboration on a series of initiatives and planned programs.

"According to our Asia Pacific Nutrition Myth Survey 2020, more than seven in ten Malaysians are interested in receiving nutrition advice from healthcare professionals. Hence, we are pleased to play a bigger role in public nutrition education alongside NSM that has been championing nutrition education and awareness for the past 35 years," said Herbalife Nutrition Malaysia general manager/director, Steven Chin.

The partnership is driven by a shared belief in promoting good nutrition and a healthy active lifestyle among Malaysians from all walks of life. Read more here.