Providing Resources in Africa Requires Security in North Carolina

A Norton Security Deluxe donation enables Africa Exchange to provide critical resources to communities in need
May 3, 2019 2:00 PM ET

Product donation is Symantec’s largest mechanism to support the nonprofit community and help nonprofits fulfill their missions. Since launching the software donation program with TechSoup in 2002, Symantec has helped more than 102,000 nonprofits and public libraries in 206 countries worldwide, solve today’s biggest security challenges and protect against the ever-evolving threat landscape.


Running a small but mighty international nonprofit with offices in North Carolina and Kenya takes work. Working collaboratively with stakeholders from different parts of the world on different time zones adds an extra layer of complexity to technology needs.

Meet Africa Exchange, a North Carolina-based nonprofit that has been building an international coalition to solve community issues in East Africa since 1997. Africa Exchange strives to solve the most pressing issues facing the most marginalized within society, by identifying areas of need as expressed by local communities and working alongside community members to develop solutions to the problem. 

For Sam Harrell, CEO of Africa Exchange, data security enables the cross-continental collaboration his organization needs to achieve results. "Since we do much correspondence internationally, including sharing sensitive communication and sending money transfers, we needed to safeguard our data and web-based transactions from corruption," he said.

In 2018, Africa Exchange began using Norton Security Deluxe through the Symantec Security and Antivirus Donation Program for Nonprofits to secure phones and computers used at the organization. "Using Norton has enabled us to be less anxious about the safety of our web presence and receive clear information about threats," Harrell says. 

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