Quick Consult: Jumpstart Your Corporate Storytelling

Sep 13, 2019 12:05 PM ET

Quick Consult is a series where members of Taproot Foundation's team share insights into questions and topics we hear are top of mind for pro bono practitioners at all stages. Crystal Hendricks-Kretzer, Taproot's Director of Marketing and Communications, shares a few tips for building out your corporate storytelling efforts.

Tap into the power of storytelling

Telling a good story is powerful. Brands know that telling authentic, real stories engenders trust and inspires engagement with consumers. Especially in this “emotional economy,” stories about your company’s successful social impact initiatives showcase your community partners driving change, secure buy-in from critical stakeholders, and ultimately inspire other companies to raise the bar of corporate stewardship.

You may be thinking “I’m not a communications professional.” What you are, though, is a social responsibility professional leading some of your company’s most inspiring and impactful initiatives. You witness the “wins” up close—few know the stories as well as you. And not putting the spotlight on those stories would be a shame.

Here are a few quick tips to jumpstart your corporate pro bono storytelling work >

Inspired to kick off your storytelling work? Check out Taproot’s new resource, Telling Your Pro Bono Story, developed with contributions from Edelman, Morgan Stanley, and VMware Foundation. This framework guides you through each step of the storytelling strategy—from preparing your key stakeholders to crafting your story to amplifying your message—with real-life examples of this approach in action.