Searching for the Crowdfunding Stars

by Adam Woodhall
May 3, 2016 12:30 PM ET

For many of us, it's possible when we think of 'Crowdsourcing' that what comes to mind is the Kickstarter of an exciting cause or product that we recently contributed financially to (often to support a friend who’s involved in it) after seeing it promoted on social media. Crowdfunding, whilst the highest profile aspect, is, however, only part of a burgeoning ecosystem of crowdsourcing. 

Crowdsourcing in its broadest form is about increasing collaboration to create shared value, and is by its nature, innovative and disruptive. Due to my passion for creating a more sustainable society, I therefore leapt at the opportunity to attend the 2016 version of the Crowdsourcing Week Global Conference (#CSWGlobal16) in London, to dive in further.

After being inspired by the event, I decided to write this blog. I then scratched my head, wondering how I was going to synthesise the concepts from this rapidly expanding universe into 800 words.  Even trying to narrow down what I learnt from this three-day conference with a whole galaxy of crowdsourcing 'stars' appearing was a pretty big task!

When scrolling back through my Twitter feed (I'd live tweeted from the event), I fortunately came across a photo I'd taken of the CSW Founder & CEO Epi Ludvik Nekaj and an opening slide from Day 2, which succinctly summarised the “5Ps of the Crowd Economy”.  I've chosen to riff off this, picking out five speakers and the concepts they shared to go with each “P.”

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