Seeing the Light

Eastman Innovation Lab story
Jul 26, 2012 1:10 PM ET

How many people does it take to replace a light bulb with LED?

“Practically none,” says Kevin Krohner, managing director of iOS Light, a provider of LED lighting solutions.

“When companies want to go change light bulbs, they have to send two people at least,” says Krohner. “They need one person to climb up there on the ladder and the other person to watch. So they're paying 20-to-30 dollars to change a light bulb.”

Krohner sees LED lighting as a disruptive technology that’s “going to change the way we do things in a fast manner” and take a 20-to-25 percent share of the lighting market over the next five years.

“The biggest barrier now is the technology is moving faster than the consumer,” Krohner explains. “The consumer should know that LED lighting is a new revolutionary way of illuminating our world.  We're going to a maintenance-free and much more energy efficient application and that works in harmony with the planet. That's why I gravitated toward LED in the first place and that's why this has become my calling.”

Watch this video on sustainability through LED technology.

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