Stakeholder to Shareholder Alchemy: CSR Management as a Catalyst for Change

by Abhishek Ranjan
Jan 26, 2016 12:30 PM ET

Corporate Social Responsibility is bringing communities and corporations together in ways that will change the future. As boardrooms around the world begin to feels its presence, CSR continues to present a whole host of opportunities and challenges for businesses. This is my foray into some of the key areas that shape the nature of CSR practices. First, the head and the heart – let’s take a look at the role of CSR Management in profiting communities and corporations.   

CSR Management brings together a number of stakeholders across and beyond the organization. In a way, just as the organization needs layer upon layer of specific functionaries, so also, properly executed CSR activities demand a similar level of sophisticated convergence. You also have to take into account the external stakeholders who will play critical roles in ensuring the success of the CSR initiatives. Managing internal and external stakeholders is not so much about a balancing act as it is about a collective vision and mission.

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Abhishek currently leads Banking Industry Marketing and CSR for Brillio Technology. Abhishek brings with him 10+ years of Marketing and 20+ experience in Social Sector. He was handpicked by his CEO to setup the CSR framework of his company. He started his career with IBM as Business Analyst and later worked for Oracle, where he was credited with setting up the Customer Centers and Industry Relations function in India.