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The power of positive feedback

As my students inevitably discover each semester, I'm a huge fan of research in primate psychology. Arguably my favorite experiment is this inquiry into proto-human concepts of justice.

Reflections on Ten Nonprofit Funding Models

The past couple weeks in my social enterprise seminar, we've been taking a detailed look at the recent SSIR article on Ten Nonprofit Funding Models.

Beauty and the charity beat

A report from the Skoll World Forum highlights an academic's "fascinating hypothesis" that Avon could be a force for improving the economic condition of women in developing nations.

Which says more about the academy than Avon, because people in the fashion and cosmetics industries have known this for decades, if not centuries.

The elements of passion

A colleague introduced me to the great Ken Robinson, a very funny speaker and holder of strong views on education. Last night, I watched him talk about his latest book, the Element, which is about the importance of having a passion for what you do in life.

If we follow our passions, Robinson argues, we are so much more motivated to do our work, are so much better at it, and we can achieve, much, much more.

Social Enterprise in South Korea

For people looking for information about social enterprise beyond the usual suspects, the Korea Herald has just published a couple of useful articles on the state of social enterprise in South Korea.

"That's something else investment banks screwed up"

That's what the woman sitting behind me said when the lights went up on Valentino: The Last Emperor, a new documentary on the legendary fashion designer. As her comment indicates, the film's not so subtle subtext is the conflict between a creative artist and the financiers who eventually drove him out of the design house that still bears his name.

AIG and social enterprise

Outrage over bonuses paid to AIG managers has predictably included calls for government action. After all, taxpayers are (theoretically) not bailing out the insurance company so its executives can save their million-dollar paydays; if the public is going to keep a private business out of bankruptcy, cutting back on compensation only seems appropriate.

The politics of business

Business needs a new dialogue, are we up to the task?

Creative Destruction

One theory that often brings me hope as I watch the world crumble into a recession is the concept of creative destruction. According to the economist Joseph Schumpeter, an essential component of capitalism is the process of ‘industrial evolution’ whereby enormous destruction occurs as the result of, and to pave the way for, new types of industry and businesses.


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