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Is this social enterprise? Stripping for charity

Here in New York, one of the controversial issues of the day is a proposed new tax on strip bars and erotic dance clubs. Patrons would be required to pay a $10 admission surcharge, with proceeds ostensibly going to help "victims of human trafficking, domestic violence, sexual abuse and child prostitution."

Free rent for sustainable business

One strategy for dealing with the financial crisis is to try to persuade one's commercial landlord to cut some slack on the rent. However, last week I heard a rather striking story about a sustainable food start-up that did not have to ask for help--the landlord came to the founder with an offer for an extensive period of free rent and a substantial capital investment.

The virtue of vice

Today's Financial Times has a fascinating write-up of new research on moral grey zones in business.

The deliberate degradation of science.

'The information age is being sabotaged!' This statement should be the head lines of the media. Why? Our modern society depends to a large degree on information, know how, science, education, media, and the Internet.

Toothpaste and Tiffany's

Today's conference co-sponsored with JustMeans is not the only Financial Times event this year focusing on sustainable business. In June, the annual FT Business of Luxury Summit is organized around the theme, "Beyond Green: Economics, Ethics & Enticement."

Weird connections in social enterprise: Playboy, drugs and

Do these three things really have anything to do with each other?

The scandal of government support

The Nonprofit Quarterly's Rick Cohen recently posted on social enterprises that receive millions of dollars in government funds.

Investing for Impact in my Own Portfolio

Where are the best places to put your money to good work?

Flipping the John Bird

John Bird, the Founder of the Big Issue in the UK, discusses social enterprise and philosophy.


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