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Conference Update from Alliance of Youth Movements

<p>Inspired by the sharp rise in the number of Facebook-organized political demonstrations and mass protests around the world this year, dozens of youth activists from the U.S. and abroad met today at Columbia University for Day 2 of the Alliance of Youth Movements Summit-a first-time gathering organized by Howcast, Facebook, MTV, the U.S.

Change Manifesto

<p>Today through Friday, <a href="">an Alliance of Youth Movements Summit</a> is meeting at Columbia University Law School to launch a new global network called 501c3, to help train people around the world to use social media&mdash;from cell phones to digital video to Twitter

Seeing the Light

<p><em>First a little background. I live in Virginia on a third of an acre in a single family home. The southern half of the property&nbsp;is wooded with a stand of 70 - 80 foot tall trees. The house itself is T-shaped, with roofs facing each of the cardinal points on the compass. </em></p>
<p>I decided to get solar panels for my home to (a) reduce my energy footprint in state that is primarily supplied by coal-fired power plants (b) reduce my energy costs. I went to a number of suppliers and here is what I was told:</p>

What IS a sustainable business?

<p>So what is a sustainable business exactly? Surely we must know by now.</p>
<li>Is it a green business?</li>
<li>Is it a business that is good at environmental management? That follows an ISO standard?</li>

Thanksgiving Lessons

<p>While seasonal harvest festivals have long been part of the American tradition, the modern origins of a national Thanksgiving Holiday are more recent.

Who are the third sector legacy retailers?

<p>It's sad to see <a href="" target="_blank">Woolworths in trouble</a>. &nbsp;As has been said elsewhere there's a lot of nostalgia for Woolies.

. . . Now, the real work begins

<p>A recent political cartoon shows an outgoing President George W. Bush holding the door open to a refrigerator full of putrid, rotting food, and next to it, a dishwasher overflowing with dirty plates, cups and spoons.&nbsp; The contents of the refrigerator and the dishwasher bear the labels "Banks," "Economy," "Wall Street," "Housing," "Credit," "Consumer Confidence," and "GM."</p>

The Crumbling 'Cult of the Amateur'

<p>Andrew Keen has been on the Pr circuit again. Yes, he of the Cult of the Amateur fame.</p>
<p>I tuned into the BBC World Service radio to pass time during a boring break, and there he was, casting aspersions on the Blogosphere in his upper-class lilt.</p>

Fast Film

<p>Some of the biggest social dramas of recent times-the crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrators in Burma, the Chinese earthquake, suicide bombers in Israel, the hanging of Sadaam Hussein-all were filmed on cellphones; snippets of strife seen and shared by people all over the world, thanks to digital video.<br /><br />But there is also art in these ephemeral, shared, on-the-fly images of our accelera

Good selling is just a little thing

<p>My son has recently learnt to read. What a wonder and a joy. A whole new world of ideas magically available to him - the wisdom of the ages, and access to dreams of the future.</p>


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